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Summa Massage and Wellness (SMW) is founded on a total wellness philosophy; the mind, body, and spirit form who and what we are as human beings. The wellness of these three centers is dependent on a healthy balance of self-care. We believe that Therapeutic Massage is an integral and important part of maintaining good health as part of one's path to holistic wellness and has positive effects on our being beyond the physical benefits. The sum of everything we think, do, and feel manifests in our physical bodies; stress, injury, happiness, trauma, illness, anxiety, activity, nutrition and work. In today's world, the constructs we live and work in often have more negative effects on our health than positive, we aim to assist in restoring the balance of good health within these challenging times. SMW's approach to healing and maintaining our clients’ total wellness is centered in Therapeutic Massage and additional therapeutic services of Hot Stone and Cupping/Gua Sha massage


Kyle Castagno
Owner | Licensed Massage Therapist

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Jeremiah Blond
Licensed Massage Therapist

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Savannah Bouton
Licensed Massage Therapist


Kyle Castagno, owner and licensed massage therapist, graduated from Cortiva Institute for Massage Therapy Seattle in 2016 and has been practicing massage therapy full time ever since. Kyle's massage journey started when he was just 16 using his intuitive massage skills to help ease back and shoulder pain his dad was experiencing from a series of serious car accidents. Upon relocating to Seattle he decided to hone his intuitive skills and pursue a professional career in massage therapy. Kyle's experience working in both spa and treatment massage settings has resulted in a massage style that is a balance of therapeutic and relaxation techniques used to address client's stress, aches, and pains, acute or chronic. His long term goal is to continue to grow SMW into a multi-disciplined total wellness center focused on accessible wellness for all in the community.

Available Wed, Th, Fri, Sat, Sun.

Jeremiah Blond  has practiced as a massage therapist in Seattle since 2006. He practices massage to meet the client where they are individually and find techniques that offer pathways to promote the release of fascial restrictions and increase range of motion to reset affected tissues.  Jeremiah's bodywork includes cranio-sacral therapy, deep tissue, myo-fascial release, and structural integration.

Having trained many hours with gifted cranio-sacral therapy (CST) instructors, and have practiced it with the majority of his clients over the last decade, CST has become a cornerstone of Jeremiah's apporach to bodywork.  CST allows a deep listening to the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through the central nervous system and out through the structures of the body.  Currents and tides of cerebrospinal fluid move energy in waves through our fascial network to release and reset restrictive patterns. With focused intention, Jeremiah asks the body “What do you need to center, ground, reset and heal?”
Clients have described experiencing a deep relaxation sensation between being awake and asleep.  Feedback from his clients reporting that CST sessions have helped them restore sleep, treat head injury, migraines, vertigo, sleep apnea and find relief from musculoskeletal pain.

Available Mon, Tues, Wed, some Saturdays

Savannah Monet  has been practicing massage therapy, breathwork, yoga, and meditation for the last 20 years. Her journey into the world of the healing arts started in 2005 when she threw out her back falling trees with a chainsaw in the conservation corps. in Flagstaff, AZ. Savannah found massage was superior to the physical therapy she had been receiving and decided to move to Salt Lake City, UT to pursue her massage certificate as soon as possible. 
Savannah strives to create a balanced, healing environment during each of her client centered massage sessions. She implements Structural Bodywork, Trigger Point Therapy, a bit of Cranial Sacral Therapy, and what she believes is the mastered art of a thorough deep tissue massage - which continues its healing for weeks after receiving a treatment. Her hope is that you will leave feeling relaxed and energized, reset in mind, body and spirit. 

Available Wed, Th, Fri

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"As a very active (though aging!) physician I know that regular massage is an essential part of keeping my body as injury-free and pain-free as possible. I have seen many massage practitioners over the years. Kyle is simply the best!
He listens if I have areas that trouble me and he is intuitive in finding problems that I have not yet recognized.
He has healing hands, and due to his care I have never felt better."
-Ian W.

"Kyle has gentle solid hands, and I always look so forward to getting a massage from him. He has an intuitive sense of what ails you and goes to work on making it better. I felt comfortable with Kyle from the minute I met him; he is kind, easy-going, and a massage therapist you and your muscles will love"

 - Mo Fine

"I have been getting massage for over twenty years and I have to say Kyle is one of the best therapists I have ever come across. He has a healing and intuitive touch and he is also kind, caring and very professional."

-Marci B.

"Kyle Castagno is, without question, absolutely the very best massage practitioner from whom I’ve ever received a massage, and as a 55-year-old, I’ve received tons over the years! I would literally follow him anywhere and am thrilled that he’s started his own practice. I can promise you that you will feel transformed after even your first session with Kyle. He is an integral part of my personal health and wellness program ... Kyle truly has healing hands—he is incredibly intuitive and seems to know exactly what I need. [He] asks questions and listens carefully to any specific issues or aches I mention to him...
As a registered nurse and performance coach by training, I appreciate Kyle’s focus on wellness when he works with clients. Finally, [he] just has this incredible healing vibe. His heart is as good as is his massage!"
-Liga Mezaraups, RN
VP at Providence
Life and Performance Coach @ BrainFix

"Best massage in Seattle! These guys know what they’re doing."

- Micah J.

"Kyle is kind, compassionate with magical healing hands. The massage and atmosphere were relaxing and much needed. He is truly magnificent"

-Jennifer Urrabazo

"I can’t praise this business enough! I was drawn to Kyle and the Summa Team in need of a quality local massage…three years later he is unsurpassed in his expertise, his professionalism, his energy, his compassion, and care for the community he serves. I’m blessed to be in that community and I tell my friends and family to come experience Summa Massage and Wellness! And they offer 120 mins of escape via massage!!! I’m a lifer…"

- Kerren B.

"I have been working with Kyle for over 2 years. He has helped me through so much tension and stress in my body, as well as very considerate care with an ankle injury I was working through. Kyle is personable and kind and has amazing energy that translates to the treatment he gives his clients. I highly recommend Kyle to anyone looking for a massage therapist!"

-Savvy Kreykes, Sr UX Designer




Client-centered therapeutic massage using a combinations of Swedish, Relaxation, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue, and/or Treatment techniques to address your areas of focus while providing the highest level of relaxation. Offered as 60, 90, and 120 minute sessions. 

Hot stone massage is a client-centered premium service that combines therapeutic massage with the use of hot basalt stones. The hot stones help increase circulation and ease muscle tension, creating a deeply relaxing massage experience. Offered as 60 and 90 minutes sessions.


Cupping is another premium massage service offer at SMW. We use both silicone cups and electronic automated cups by Therabody to help lift connective tissues and muscles away from the body's skeletal system - helping improve circulation and decreasing muscle tension. Gua Sha tools are used to dramatically increase localized circulation and break down fascial adhesions and/or scar tissue build up.

 Offered as 60 and 90 minutes sessions.

Enhance any massage session with a Premium Oil Add-on. Just an additional $10 for any 60 minute session and an additional $15 for any 90 minute session. We make our very own premium massage oil with certified organic ingredients that promote increased relaxation and pain-relief while simultaneously moisturizing and protecting your skin.


Summa Massage and Wellness LLC is now offering physical and eGift-cards. eGift-cards can be purchased through our Square link below and physical gift-cards can be purchased in person or over the phone. Reward someone special in your life with the gift of massage!


*Please note that Summa Massage and Wellness LLC does NOT bill any insurance carrier directly for our massage services. We DO accept FSA and/or HSA debit cards as a form of payment. Additionally, if your insurance carrier provides reimbursement for massage services, you may request a Verification of Services letter that we will happily provide for you.
Thank you!



1812 E Madison St Ste 104 & Ste 106

Seattle, WA 98122

Tel: 206.466.0770

Mon:   9AM - 7PM

Tues:   9AM - 7PM

Wed:  9AM -7PM

Th:     9AM - 7PM

Fri:    9AM - 7PM

Sat:  10AM - 7PM

Sun: 12PM - 7PM

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